Custom Cars and Custom Trucks on a Beer Budget

When it comes to building custom cars or trucks, what else would you expect from Chester Greenhalgh, the author of the legendary “How to Build a T-Bucket Roadster for Under $3000“?

The master of creative scrounging and flat-ass simple fabrication has done it again with another incredibly detailed “how to” eBook about “How to Build a Full-On Radical Custom Cars and Custom Trucks on a Beer Budget!” And we’re talking PBR — not Heineken.

How to Build a Custom Cars or Custom Trucks

Chester’s new custom cars and custom trucks masterpiece lays it all out for you in 130 pages crammed full of money-saving info, tips, tricks and “why didn’t I think of thats” in the straightforward, humorous way he’s become famous for.

Even if you don’t like to read, he’s packed it with almost 250 color photos so you’ll see just how you can do it all in your home garage with a bare minimum of tools.

Take a look at the Table of Contents to see everything it covers to help you build truly one-of-a-kind custom cars and trucks of your own.

Custom Cars & Trucks on a Beer Budget, CONTENTS:

  • The “Field Find”:Best way to start radical custom cars and trucks on a low budget.
  • Safety: Something you can learn from Chester’s misfortune that’ll keep you productive.
  • How to Build ’50s Style Radical Custom Cars and Trucks for Under $5000: The theory behind Chester’s “Apache” build and how you can adapt it to your own.
  • The Teardown: How to get off to an organized start and not waste items of value.
  • Frame Prepping: Easy way to start with the dirty work.
  • Mounting a Truck Body on a Passenger Car Chassis: To get it lean, low, safe and fun to drive.
  • Mounting the Steering Column: A nice, modern touch in that old cockpit.
  • Brake System: The easy, inexpensive way to upgrade ancient technology.
  • The Accelerator: Tips to get is just where you want and looking good.
  • Bodywork: An introduction to how you can build your own radical custom truck or car.
  • Making Templates: The simple, no-cost tool that will save you tons of time and money — and how to do it right.
  • The Roof: What you can do if yours isn’t as perfect as you’d like it to be.
  • Making Your Own Gullwing Doors: We said we’re talking radical custom and Chester shows you the innovative, low-buck way to do-it-yourself without spending thousands on kits.
  • Door Jambs and Hinge Area: What separates the wanna-be’s from the experts.
  • Lower Cab Bodywork: An expert course in dealing with and overcoming demon rust.
  • Customizing the Front End: It’s what people see first and you can make it distinctively your own.
  • Making a Front Opening Hood: For a truly custom way to show off your custom cars or truck engine.
  • Engine Compartment: This section alone is worth the price of the eBook. You’ll come away with ideas so cool your head will spin.
  • The Interior: Chester shows how to absolutely get the biggest bang for your limited bucks where you’ll enjoy it the most.
  • Mounting and Customizing a Pickup Box on a Passenger Car Frame: They just don’t normally go together, but Chester shows you how to do it to get maximum impact and usefulness.
  • Mounting the Fuel Tank: It has to go somewhere and not look out of place.
  • The Exhaust System: More Chester creativity with no-to-low-cost components.
  • The Electrical System: You can’t forget some necessary upgrades that will make everything go more smoothly.
  • Painting: Let decades of experience doing super-economic paint jobs for a minimum outlay show you how to get that true show car look without spending thousands.
  • In Closing: Some final words of advice and thanks from Chester.

I could go on and on with teasers about Chester’s tricks for low-cost metalflake paint jobs, how you’ll earn a Ph.D. in using Bondo the right way and even how to make gullwing rear fenders on a super-low pickup for easy tire changing, but you’ve already got an idea of just how much Chester brings to the table when it comes to budget building hot rods.

How to Build a Custom Cars or Trucks

Now, he shows you how to do it all with your own radical custom cars and trucks like you’ve never seen before.

You get all this for the low price of only $16.99 for 130 pages crammed with close to 250 color photos showing how to do it all. Just click the Download Now button and get ready for tons of great info and entertainment.

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