How to Mount an Old Pickup Body on a Late Model Frame

Hot Rod Truck Rat Rod Truck Budget Build

Today, undoubtedly the least expensive, simplest, safest and most reliable way to go hot rodding is by mating a classic pickup truck body to a modern chassis and V8 engine. That’s exactly why the master of budget hot rod building, Chester Greenhalgh, shows exactly how you can do it yourself in step-by-detailed-step in this fun, informative 107-page eBook featuring over 200 full color photographs and illustrations! Learn all about it and get yours now>

How to Build a Radical Custom Truck on a Beer Budget


The master of creative scrounging and flat-out simple fabrication has done it again with another incredibly detailed “how to” eBook about “How to Build a Full-On Radical Custom Cars and Custom Trucks on a Beer Budget!” And we’re talking PBR — not Heineken. Chester’s new masterpiece lays it all out for you in 130 pages with 250 color photos and crammed full of money-saving info, tips, tricks and “why didn’t I think of thats?” Learn all about it and get yours now!>